Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rydges Oasis Resort - Day 2

So following our rather hasty breakfast, I managed to get us a two-hour extra stay of execution, having joined a priority club when we booked.
Which meant we only had to leave at 1 pm as opposed to 11 am.
Now 2 hours isn't much, but with kids, you make the most of it.
The later check-out meant that after breakfast the kids managed to fit in:
Another swim, and soak in the spa
A hit of tennis ... Mr 9 kind of lost interest when he realised poor old Mum, despite pretending to be crap (and I am crap!), was still better than he was ...

So we retired to our room to watch I-Carly and pack (can you spy Miss 7's head just peeking out from the blankets on the left?)

A quick stop at McDonalds - which for once had the toys they were advertising for the happy meals (Bakugans for Mr 9, My Little Pony for Miss 7), and we were on our way back to Brisbane.
Can I just say that despite the pluses and minuses of our last minute jaunt the kids were awesome, and I really loved hanging out with them.


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