Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Corner Cafe 26, Indooroopilly

In preparation for a colonoscopy recently, I had a pre-school appointment with the day surgery hospital to be given last minute instructions and pick up the devil's toxic mix Fleet preparation one must drink prior to the procedure to, ahem, empty the stomach area.

As a single Mum, that meant the kids came with me too, which they didn't mind at all since a hot breakfast was on the menu.

Just down the road from the day hospital was a cafe that just looked like it would serve awesome coffee.

I wasn't going to be eating anything decent for the next few days, so we all agreed it was time for a treat.

We were welcomed warmly by staff at the Corner Cafe 26, and given our choice of seating.

Menus were given and orders taken promptly, and our friendly waiter was lovely to the kids, even fetching Fat Straws, all the better to enjoy their hot drinks.

"Mumma, it concentrates the flavour into the straw, so it makes the hot chocolate even more delicious," said Junior Masterchef Mr 10.

I tried it, and he was right!

There were only three option for kids' breakfasts, and although reasonably priced, none of them appealed to the kids.

They are both capable of eating adult serves these days, so I let them order from the grown-up menu.

Mr 10 chose the Big Breakkie and polished off the lot, except for the yummy mushrooms and tomato which he gave to me.

Miss 8 had trouble with hers, mainly because the eggs came scrambled instead of fried. (The menus had been whisked away by now, so I couldn't check and assumed wrongly that I'd been the one to stuff up).

But in all, the service and food (and hot drinks) were delicious and well-priced.

In fact, Mr 10 declared his hot chocolate the best ever, and said his eggs had been poached perfectly.

High praise indeed.

Readers, what turns an eating place into a family favourite?

Mr 10 was happy with his hot chocolate, which came in a huge mug!

Miss 8 loved her babycino, though it 'needed' more sugar. (Note, she has a very sweet tooth!)

My skinny mocha was perhaps the biggest I've ever had and was just the thing for a chilly Brisbane morning.

A spirited discussion

C. ordered the Big Breakkie - bacon, eggs, sausage, hash brown, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomatoe. He ordered the latter two on the side, because he doesn't like them but knows Mumma loves her veggies!

H. ordered the bacon and eggs, which was supposed to come with two fried eggs, not scrambled. I didn't realise this until later. The dish also usually includes grilled tomato, but she doesn't like that, and I didn't need more tomato, so we left that off.
She tried the egg, but declared it: 'potatoey', and only managed a few mouthfuls.
I also should have thought to ask if they'd serve her a junior version, even though it wasn't on the menu.
I went for the eggs benedict, which was served on rather crusty Turkish bread, but really yummy with perfectly poached eggs and a generous serve of hollandaise.

The kids loved the fish tank near the entrance

I can see you ...

If you go: The Corner Cafe 26, is at the corner of Station Road and Riverview Terrace, Indooroopilly. As well as breakfast, there are a huge variety of western and Asian dishes on the menu. I'm pretty sure it will be a family favourite from now on.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

South Bank Revisited...

It's been a while but Brisbane's South Bank is finally on the mend.

Following the devastating Queensland Floods, much of the beloved site of World Expo '88 went under the silty, smelly, raging waters of an angry Brisbane River.

The Brisbane River is no longer angry, and there is no sign of the silt or the mud. In fact, it's all pretty much squeaky clean. (Much to Mr 10's relief, who is anal about cleanliness. Except when it comes to regular showers. But that's another story.)

Part of the swimming lagoon has been reopened. It's only tiny though, compared with the number of visitors, and a lot of the parklands are still being re-shizzled.

Luckily, it's not all off-limits

The good news is that there's still plenty of room to lie down on a blanket while the kids run riot, or young lovers do everything but procreate nearby. (Hopefully out of sight of the kids).

There are still loads of barbecues, eateries, and room to walk along the river.

Oh and the ibises. It wouldn't be Southbank without the ibises.

Despite living in Brisbane for years, we've never actually ridden on the Channel 7 Wheel of Brisbane.

So when we visited South Bank for the first time post floods recently, the kids begged and pleaded to go up in one of the air-conditioned gondolas.

"Please Mumma, please," they chorused.

"We'll do whatever you want us to do," said Mr 10.

"I'll be really, really good," promised Miss 8.

They each grabbed an arm and cuddled it and kissed it, skipping along beside me. I couldn't help but laugh, and I thought: Why not?
It was quiet that day, so we got a whole gondola all to ourselves, much to the kids' delight.

Did you hear their squeals of excitement at your place?

All aboard

H. just a little apprehensive...

Big smiles all round

The Wheel of Brisbane rises 60 metres above Brisbane, giving great views in all directions

There are still plenty of wide open spaces to enjoy...

The Brisbane River, finally back to being beautiful again 

We had a hitch-hiker, who got a free ride

No fears here ...

The only problem is the kids enjoyed the Wheel of Brisbane so much, they're dying for me to take them again ... this time at night!

Readers, have you ever been a visitor in your own city/home town?