Tuesday, May 3, 2011

South Bank Revisited...

It's been a while but Brisbane's South Bank is finally on the mend.

Following the devastating Queensland Floods, much of the beloved site of World Expo '88 went under the silty, smelly, raging waters of an angry Brisbane River.

The Brisbane River is no longer angry, and there is no sign of the silt or the mud. In fact, it's all pretty much squeaky clean. (Much to Mr 10's relief, who is anal about cleanliness. Except when it comes to regular showers. But that's another story.)

Part of the swimming lagoon has been reopened. It's only tiny though, compared with the number of visitors, and a lot of the parklands are still being re-shizzled.

Luckily, it's not all off-limits

The good news is that there's still plenty of room to lie down on a blanket while the kids run riot, or young lovers do everything but procreate nearby. (Hopefully out of sight of the kids).

There are still loads of barbecues, eateries, and room to walk along the river.

Oh and the ibises. It wouldn't be Southbank without the ibises.

Despite living in Brisbane for years, we've never actually ridden on the Channel 7 Wheel of Brisbane.

So when we visited South Bank for the first time post floods recently, the kids begged and pleaded to go up in one of the air-conditioned gondolas.

"Please Mumma, please," they chorused.

"We'll do whatever you want us to do," said Mr 10.

"I'll be really, really good," promised Miss 8.

They each grabbed an arm and cuddled it and kissed it, skipping along beside me. I couldn't help but laugh, and I thought: Why not?
It was quiet that day, so we got a whole gondola all to ourselves, much to the kids' delight.

Did you hear their squeals of excitement at your place?

All aboard

H. just a little apprehensive...

Big smiles all round

The Wheel of Brisbane rises 60 metres above Brisbane, giving great views in all directions

There are still plenty of wide open spaces to enjoy...

The Brisbane River, finally back to being beautiful again 

We had a hitch-hiker, who got a free ride

No fears here ...

The only problem is the kids enjoyed the Wheel of Brisbane so much, they're dying for me to take them again ... this time at night!

Readers, have you ever been a visitor in your own city/home town?


Ali @ Mummahh said...

I'm glad things are opening again! Your such a good mumma, my kids always bug me to go on the big wheel and I always say no.

Mother Who Works said...

Melbourne's eye is still on tatters and under construction since the day of 46C about 21/2 years ago!! MWWx

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Glad that you all enjoyed the big wheel & yes we have been a vistor in our city a few times.

Even staying at Motels around Bris so we can tell close friends that best cheap ones to stay at if we cant put them up.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

nonoodle said...

We were at South Bank recently & I noticed the swimming area was still closed, lets hope it doesn't take too much longer to all be opened again! I love South Bank! Have even been on the big Wheel one drunken night with hubby & friends. It was fun & I have great photo's too!

Anonymous said...

We are often visitors in our own city as we have regular visits from family in England (parents in law currently en-route again as a type this!) South Bank is always on our list. We usually arrive by CityCat to make it more fun

Veggie Mama said...

I definitely baulked at the big wheel when I heard the price! But love South Bank so glad it's on the mend :)