Bronnie Marquardt is a Mum of two (mostly) adorable kids and one (spoiled) furry one.
I'm also a travel writer, journalist, and author, and NLQ is my tribute to life in the Sunshine State.
I hate housework, love social media, and when not cuddling kids or kittens, can be found messing up the kitchen with spontanteous Masterchef-style cook-offs, or distributing newspapers, magazines and books throughout the house and then trying to find them. I pretend to enjoy gardening, but have a frighteningly high casualty rate. When I grow up I want a pony.
NLQ is open to giveaways and famils, but please note, I review honestly and openly, and prefer to write about new or different experiences which make for more interesting posts. If you want an advertisement, please feel free to take out an ad ...).