Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Japanese Curry

Every family has staple, no-fail meals that everyone enjoys.

In our house, one of our favourite family dinners is Japanese Curry.

One of the ingredients is cooked crumbed chicken or veal schnitzel. (Sorry veggies. I pick out the meat myself, but my kids are carnivores.  To balance it out, we only buy organic meat which we hope has lived and died humanely. And we don't eat it a lot).

I then veggie the life out of the curry. I chop up onion, carrots, zucchini, and pumpkin,  and throw them into the mix. The pumpkin cooks up so soft it becomes part of the sauce, so the kids don't even know they are eating it. The only time they ever complained, was when I tried to hide silverbeet in the curry. Don't do that. It doesn't work. It may even end in tears. Literally.

You can throw in potato too, if you're not counting carbs, and my kids like their Japanese Curry with boiled rice.

Simple, easy, and pretty nutritious.

When we were out shopping recently, we saw this:

How much nicer an option is that than the usual fast food/food court options?

Miss 8 was craving a good Japanese curry, but Mr 10 had insisted he'd 'gone off it'.

So I let her grab a portion, and what a generous serve it was. It smelled delightful, and she allowed me a taste.

Oh my God, it was even better than mine. Or their Dad's. (And that is High Praise Indeed).

Watching his sister enjoy the feast, Mr 10 couldn't help himself, and had to order some too.

"It's spicier than home-made, but it gives it that extra kick," said the Mini-Masterchef. "And they don't put heaps of veggies in like you do."

They gobbled up the lot, in double-quick time. (Yes, I know. I was hoping for leftovers too).

That night, dinner was soup (for all of us); with toast and fruit and dessert for the still hungry. I couldn't have made the Japanese Curry for that price, so I not only got a night off cooking, but the kids had a yummy meal as well.

Readers, do you have a favourite family meal?

We bought our curry from Sushi D'Lite at Mt Gravatt Shopping Centre.

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The Recipe Binder said...

Yummm! I've never had a Japanese curry before but it looks tasty! :) My staple is either risotto (I always have the staple ingredients, then if any veggies need using up they go in too) or a dish I've dubbed pantry paella which is a basic paella with chicken and whatever else I can find.