Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rydges Oasis Resort Caloundra .... the food

Okay, so with the restaurant booked out, and two hungry kids, we were left with a problem.
The always-social Mr 9 really wanted to go out ... and there are loads of cheap and cheerful restaurants in Caloundra, and I kind of seconded that motion.
But Miss 7 was tired after a busy day in the water and sun, plus, after a lovely spa and shower, had changed into her pyjamas. And no girl in her PJs wants to be seen in public after a certain time. If at all.
The only thing we agreed on was that we were all HUNGRY.
I'd already planned on splashing out on a meal at the resort, so I suggested: 'Let's look at the room service menu!'
The kids had already started watching some family movie on the pay TV channel (we don't have Pay TV at our place, and I had no idea who the actors were, but the kids insisted they were AWESOME).
So we looked at the menu. (Did I mention that I love that the kids can read now, and take pleasure out of choosing their own meals?)
Strike One: There was No Kids Menu. Now, I don't think I've ever stayed at a hotel or resort that didn't have one, particularly one which is aimed at families.
But that wasn't necessarily a bad thing, because my kids are good eaters with decent palates, and often they prefer small serves of 'adult' meals when we eat out anyway. (I know - how good is that? No artificially-enhanced nuggets or fish sticks for them).
The prices were reasonable, so I threw caution to the wind and ordered a 'Feast' to share. (The kids' word, not mine.) We had drinks to share too - OJ and Fanta - and in honour of the occasion, the kids drank it in pretty adult glasses.
Mr 9 1/2, being the man of the house, wanted to order and he did so with considerable aplomb.
And when the food arrived, (and very quickly thank you Rydges), the kids were ecstatic.

A steak ciabatta sandwich for Miss 7, nachos for Mr 9, and a seafood basket for me.

But what actually happened was, the nachos were way too spicy for Mr 9, and Miss 7 hated the salad on her steak. So C. ate my seafood basket, H. ate the steak and chips, and I got the salad and nachos. (And boy, they were spicy! But they were loaded with guacamole and sour cream too, which balanced out the spices.)

Luckily, dessert avoided a mutiny. It was really rather good.
Mr 9 went for strawberry and meringue mash and was in ecstasy. (In fact, he wanted to order another one, but even on treat night I had to put a stop to that!)

Can't pose, eating

Miss 7 chose warm chocolate pudding with maple ice-cream and strawberries.
And it was delicious, the outside moist and warm and exploding with hot fudgy sauce when cut through with a spoon.
But here is another gripe.
The menu description said it was chocolate pudding with maple syrup ice-cream and strawberries.
As always, whenever we order any kind of food when we're out, room service or otherwise, we asked if any of the meals contained nuts or tree nuts.
Oh no, we were told.
Well, thank God, C. didn't try his sister's dessert because her ice-cream was full of walnuts or pecans (I'm never sure). And although we carry an epipen, we would have ended up in hospital had C. even tried a tiny bite. And he would have been traumatised, because any anaphylactic reaction is life-threatening, horrific, and extremely scary. And usually the child is wiped out after treatment, for quite a long time. Not to mention, scared to eat anything again. (Not to mention the poor parent in grave need of valium...)
C. has a potentially fatal allergy to nuts, particularly tree nuts.  And most organisations, when you check with them, are extremely responsible. It can be difficult if you're travelling, but you need to be vigilant, and double-check every order.
During our last family holiday in Samoa, before The End Of Life (As We Knew It),  the chefs often came down to double-check the ingredients with us, and on the occasions there were nuts involved, they even whipped up special nut-free meals just for C. I love Samoa!)
On this occasion, there was no language barrier, so I was not impressed. I guess it was another reminder that we can't always trust kitchen or wait staff. (C. did want to try his sister's ice-cream but I insisted on checking it first. Yes, I'm selfless like that ... but seriously, it is necessary.)

Luckily, breakfast was a happy affair. I was content with coffee - several cups - but the kids enjoyed a buffet breakfast for $8.50 each. It was, to be honest, fairly standard breakfast fare, but for $8.50 I'm hardly going to quibble. There were there usual hot box scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacons, sausages and other goodies, plus pastries, yoghurt, fruit and those dinky boxes of cereal that kids love.
The room was noisy and full, but luckily none of the other guests ventured outside for some reason, where it was quiet, and peaceful.  We were the only ones out there, would you believe?
When they weren't eating, the kids kept looking for George The Resident Water Dragon, and turtles, and fish.

I always find it funny that at a breakfast buffet, Miss 7 always goes for toast. Even though she could have toast every day at home, it's nowhere near as fun in a restaurant!

 Looking for George 

The peaceful outdoor setting.

As we finished our breaky, we were told by staff they closed at 9 am, which struck me as being a little early for a Sunday morning. My tired out angels had slept in, and I'd let them because it was the weekend.
So the kids grabbed a couple of apples and we left even though they were still a little hungry. But my bad, I should have checked first. .
It was a lovely break away, despite my gripes, and I would return, but only if I could get a better deal next time.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm visiting from Sweet Sunday @ Confessions Of A Jaded Gym Junkie. You have a great blog!! I'm jealous of the room service, I love it! I've become a follower! Enjoy your holiday!
Mez from

Motorbikes_Lady said...

Sounds like a place to stay away from which we will do thanks for the tip on it.

Anonymous said...

How very naughty to have nuts in the dessert. They really should know better.Sounds like a great break away though!

Bronnie Marquardt said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, the nuts were unforgiveable, and you'd think that since we were so cold we could have gotten a discount on the room or something. Because the price we paid was nowhere near as good as similar places. But it was still relaxing ... well as relaxing as a holiday with kids can be!

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