Sunday, July 25, 2010

Road stop!

I love travelling through the Queensland countryside. (Well at least when kids aren't bouncing off the walls of the car from slushy-induced craziness, or fighting over who is looking out of whose window, or announcing they are about to burst with wee, poo, spew or a combination of all three).
Anyway, so most of the time I enjoy it.
And one of the reasons is that we get to break the journey with amusing little stops along the way.
(Thus preventing dramatic announcements of impending poo, spew or wee-bursts; but possibly inducing slushy craziness).
Every time we visit my parents in Wondai, my Dad says we should stop at 'The Stop Shop', a little shop on the side of the Bunya Highway at Memerambi. We're always in a hurry to either get to Wondai or get the bloody hell home before someone throws up or develops a sudden case of gastro, so usually pass right on by.
However, this time, I told the kids we'd stop, Dad having promised delicious Italian ice-creams would be available as a reward.
(I am pretty sure there was some mention of free ice-creams by telling the owner "Colin sent us", but the owner seemed very nonplussed by the information and proceeded to charge us all the same.)
No matter, the ice-creams were divine, and were certainly very generous in size. I'm not sure how much they cost, but we bought 3 two-flavour ice-creams, some healthy bits and pieces and a drink for $21, so I'm assuming they were country prices.
Unlike the city ice-cream shops, the ice-creams weren't exactly displayed to their advantage and I had to physically lift Miss 7 up so she could see the flavours.
And unlike the city, there were no free tastes.
Luckily we all enjoyed our choices!
(And yes, we will be back. I just hope the coffee machine is working next time...)
The Stop Shop at Memerambi, the South Burnett
It sells everything but the kitchen sink. Oh and a few things like bread, cigarettes, papers and milk. (We managed to slip in, despite the 'no animals' sign.) 
Aww ....
Nice and spicy
Just what the larder ordered ...
Mmm - ice-cream. And no preservatives or nasty colours in these
Can't talk ... eating

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Thea said...

We must have driven right past that shop and I didn't even see it. What a cute little place! :)