Friday, July 23, 2010

The Pepper Lounge, Jindalee

Even a broke single Mum's budget can stretch to eating out occasionally. Especially if there's one of those friends to budget-hunters everywhere available - a discount shopper docket.
I was alerted to the presence of a very popular neighbourhood restaurant/cafe called The Pepper Lounge, by my good friend and fellow social media fan, @appletartlet.
@appletartlet swears the Black Pepper Lounge does the best eggs benedict in the western suburbs, but so far, I'll have to take her word for it.
However, I've been there on several occasions recently and even taken the kids. Already well-priced, eating there is a bargain if you use a shopper docket which allows you one main meal free if another one plus drinks are paid for.

Not much on the menu appealed to picky Miss 7 except for dessert. But if you can't have dessert for lunch when you're seven, when can you? She loved the grown-up presentation.

The dessert was so rich, she ended up taking some home for Ron . (Later On).
Mr 9 was thrilled at the look and taste of his Kid's Carbonara ($8)

No, you can't have a taste Mum. It's mine, all mine ...

The proof was in the eating. C's only complaint was that the serving was too small, so when we returned recently, the chef had no problem rustling up an adult's version of the meal.
I love the prawn, rocket and mozzerella pizza. ($14). So light and delicious, I could easily manage it in one sitting, meaning no pizza for Ron.

If you go: The Pepper Lounge is at 19/62 Looranah Street, Jindalee. Ph: 07 3376 1011
The staff are always welcoming, and bottled water is always provided. They have been wonderfully patient with the kids, especially Mr 9.
Parking is free and plentiful.


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