Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yum - a peek at our favourite food

My kids favourite food isn't Maccas, KFC, or Burger King.
No they share a diverse palate, and typically, have expensive tastes.
Their special treat when dining out is Peking Duck.
There's a place in Darra we love to go to, called fittingly enough, Yum Yum Peking Duck.
We loved Yum Yum way before it become popular. It's a no-frills, small room kind of place, but the food and prices are great. And once you've been there a few times, the staff welcome you like old friends.
They always make a fuss of the kids, and remember what they like to eat and drink the most.
And for the record, it's duck. Peking Duck. Washed down with Yum Yum Peking Duck's home-made lemonade.

Mmm, peking duck ....
Miss 7 tucks in...
Mr 9 gobbles down a pancake

What I love best is they don't just love the sweet, fatty, sticky pancakes, but the adore the aromatic duck meat soup. Mr 9 usually has four or five bowls!

If you go: Yum Yum Peking Duck
146 Scotts Rd
Darra QLD 4076
(07) 3217 0188

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