Saturday, June 26, 2010

Handmade Heaven - Part One

What I love about blogging is discovering other websites, meeting interesting people, and doing loads of fun things I probably would never have come across without the power of the internetz.
And so, after an invitation from bubbachenille, the kids and I decided to check out the Handmade Expo at Ipswich Turf Club, Bundamba yesterday.
With free parking, free entry, and a tasty collection of stalls, all offering handmade goodies to eat, wear, use or display, the expo was relaxed and unique compared to similar events we've been to.
Considering the kids had sulked when I first told them of our destination, we all had a wonderful day, and they loved absolutely everything on display.
Quite frankly, I could have spent a fortune, because just about everything was on special and/or decently priced as well.
I loved that the stallholders had time to chat and explain their work to the kids too.
There was so much to see and do, and so many fabulous homemade, locally produced products, that in aid of preventing this from being the longest blog in history, I'll cover it in several posts. Including our ride of the Swanbank Vintage Steam Train ride, which the kids declared to be awesome! 
One of the lovely stallholders was John Grieves, of Pens N Things. Mr 9 in particular, was fascinated by John's precision-crafted pens, un-pickers, key-rings and more, which he creates on a small bed lathe at his Ipswich home.
John took time to explain his work, and even gave the kids a few lollies.
I would have loved one of his gorgeous pens, but maybe next time!
A close-up of Joe's gorgeous creations
Mr 9 loved these ties by Little Mister clothing...
While Miss 7 and I were tempted by the funky clutch purses, bags, and jewellery created by sybella
And how about these for a creative idea? Artistic hair clip organisers by Holdilocks. Genius!
Miss 7 loved these gorgeous cupcake and flower biscuits on sticks. The small taste she allowed me was lovely - crumbly yet moist and not too sweet.
What child can resist fairy floss? (And yes, I did regret it later ...)
Pre-sugar rush!
A Taste of Heaven fudge and coconut ice. Their motto? Enjoy life piece by piece.
Home-baked goodness ...
The kids enjoyed a chat with Goondiwindi author, artist, illustrator, sculptor and educator Lynelle Zita Westlake. She was really patient with them, and I'm sure her school workshops would be inspirational.
So many pretty things to choose from ...
There was cheap locally-grown produce as well
Lunch-time. A wood-baked ham, pineapple and cheese pizza, just like Mr 9 loves them.

And all this is just for starters ... stay-tuned for the next post about the Handmade Expo.

If you go: The Handmade Expo is held monthly at Ipswich Turf Club, Brisbane Road, Bundamba. Entry and parking is free, and the Swanbank Vintage Steam Railway offers short trips in conjunction with the expo (small fee applies).
Hours: 8 am-2pm.
The next dates are: Saturday 17th July, Saturday 21st August, Saturday 18th September, Saturday 16th October,  Saturday 20th November, Saturday 18th December.
For details, email


bubbachenille said...

You are so generous doing this wonderful post on the Handmade Expo Market. We are so glad you could make it and extra glad you loved everything you saw! We hope you'll be able to let all your friends know that it's worth the trip. Thank you so much !

bubbachenille said...

I have shared this on my facebook page, I hope thats OK !

Bronnie Marquardt said...

Yes of course, and thanks for letting me know it was on. It really was a lovely day out with so many lovely products.

Not Quite Nigella said...

What a cool market with such lovely things! I love hand made items-they're so unique :D

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Thank you so much for the huge post on the market...we are so glad that you had a nice time...GOOD FOR YOU.
Hope to see you back in July