Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fancy a quick root?

Every red-blooded Aussie girl loves a quick root, so imagine my surprise when I got to have one en-route to Brisbane recently.

We were on our way home after visiting family in the South Burnett, when on approaching the pretty town of Esk, we all felt the urge to, erm, use the facilities. And fast. (I'm not saying anything about Grandma's homemade vegetable soup the night before. No I am not. Cough).

So we stopped, and because I was feeling sleepy and Miss 8 was a bit car sick, we went for a wander.

Inspired by helping their Pa-Pa dig vegies and pick fruit in his garden over the weekend, the kids eschewed gift shops and cafes, and headed straight for a nursery in the main straight.

I was instantly attracted to the nursery's name: Quick Root. In fact, one of the nursery's mottos is: For a Quick Root, call Brad on 0412 321 550.

And it was a lovely little place, packed with pretty plants, seedlings and all manner of gardening goodies.

The kids wanted to buy out the shop, but mindful of several recent Magic Money Weeks, I limited them to one container each.

Mr 10 went for strawberries, all the better to feed all of us, while Miss 8 chose purple carrots. For the guinea pigs you understand.

The plants were cradled lovingly all the way home and talking about gardening and all the tips the nice lady in the shop had given them made the last hour or so of driving go much more quickly.

See? Nothing like a quick root to liven up the day!  

Note to non-Aussies: A root is slang for sexual intercourse. And a quick root, is well, quick.

The Quick Root nursery

So much to choose from...

Happy with their purchases ...

Mr 10 can't wait to get them in the car ...

Readers, have you discovered somewhere interesting on your travels?


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I love places with fun names.

Especially when they are a bit rude.

Wish they were here so I could say to MPS I am just popping out for a quick root.

Anonymous said...

What a fun stop! :)

Claire Pearce - Quick Root Nursery said...


Thank you so much for including us in your blog page!! We were very surprised and excited to see that you and your children loved it so much.

Hope the guinea pigs love their purple carrots and your son gets lots of strawberries :)

Thanks again
The Quick Rooters