Monday, January 17, 2011

The power of many ...

Exhaustion. Looting. Bravery. Loss. Sheer hard work.

This week, this blog and my personal one http:// will be devoted to the efforts of the army of volunteers and kind strangers who have taken up the challenge to rebuild the areas affected by the floods. Mainly in Queensland, because that is where I am based, and that is where most of my contacts are based. (Update: Actually the devastation is so wide-spread I will be opening up the giveaways to anyone affected by Mother Nature's wrath, or anyone wanting to win something for someone who has been affected.)

If people in other states would like to contribute they are more than welcome by commenting below.

You don’t need me to bash out facts and figures and tales and reports. They’re all over the media, whether it be traditional or social.

Instead I thought I'd use this post to thank the peeps who are showing great strength, wisdom, love and sometimes even humour in doing their bit, often thinking outside the box when it comes to helping out.

Social media, and radio, television and newspapers to an extent, have provided a constant stream of offers and calls for help, putting people in touch with each other.

Here are a few of the quiet achievers who are making a difference.

- Counsellor Karlene Bradley is offering free counselling for anyone affected by pet loss in Qld. As long as you can afford the phone call to her on 0439 002 812, the counselling is free. Leave a message if you can't reach her, as she's still working, and is fitting in the free counselling around her other commitments.

- In the Ipswich area, top Mum Mummatopia Cas is putting together a massive Qld Flood Relief Appeal with a little help from her friends. It will be the 'Mumma of all Flood Relief Raffles', with as many $150 prize packs as they can lay their hands on thanks to Ipswich locals and businesses. More expensive prizes will be raffled off as individual goodies. Every cent will go towards the Premier's Flood Appeal. Tickets $10 each!

- The Purina Advice Centre is provicing information and support to those who have found animals who need help and care, but are unable to get to a vet straight away. You can phone them on 1800 738 238.

- There’s a Facebook page for animals lost and found in the Qld floods, with the aim of reuniting pets with their owners as quickly as possible.

- On Tuesday at the RNA showgrounds, there were free tetanus vaccinations until 10 am for anyone affected by the floods or the clean-up.

- Children haunted by the trauma are receiving special grief counselling at the Grantham State School evacuation centre. A makeshift creche has been set up at the school, with activities and games to try to dlet the children be kids again. Toowoomba ice cream vendor Dave Pemberton, of Toby's Kiosk, helped lift children's spirits by arriving with free ice-creams for all.

- The wonderful @digellabakes has put together an army of wonderful bakers to help get healthy and nourishing meals and snacks to those involved in the floods and the clean-up. Check out Danielle’s website Digella’s Emporium more information. Another kitchen angel @melkettle has been instrumental in the plan and has her own blog The Cook’s Notebook with loads of info too.
The relief effort has been so well-received it has its own baked relief website.

Courtesy of @BrisbanePlaces, who retweeted Brisbane Places @NotQuiteNaomi who announced that Arrivederci Pizzeria. Park Rd, Milton would serve up free pizza to those with ID from 6-8pm tonight (Tuesday January 18).

- Behind the scenes, 4BC producer, twitterer, yummy mummy and all round good person @Annieb25 has been on top of everything, tirelessly tweeting out calls for help and answers. Like a few below....

RT @organiseme: Kids you know lose books in the flood? Riverbend Books will give books to help out

If u have a PO box at an affected PO u can have ur mail redirected for 12 months free. U can organise at an operating Aust Post

Annie's beautiful website Life and Dandilions has loads more information, and of course you can follow her on twitter too (@Annieb25).

Readers, have you your own flood angels who have not yet received the recognition they deserve? Please feel free to add your stories in the comments form below.

In the next few days, I hope to canvas all my contacts and nag them into ask them nicely to donate prizes for a huge bloggie giveaway for all those affected adversely by Mother Nature recently. Lots of lovely comments will give me the ammunition I need to show them that people will read about their generosity and their products/services by joining my bloggie giveaway.

Stubbies schoolwear have already come on board - thanks mates - and I hope to have more prizes soon. You can follow them on twitter @Stubbies and like them on Facebook. 

Once I have enough goodies, there will be one post and one giveaway per day, with about a week to enter for each. This is so the products are not buried in one long post, but given a post of their own each day and the following week. I will also be tweeting about the companies who are generous enough to donate.

I think I have another sponsor on board, so stay tuned. And if you'd like to donate, you know where to find me.

Until, stay safe and be kind to each other ... xo


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MotorbikesLady said...

Great blog, since there are lots of people helping out the humans in the floods I'm doing what I can for the RSPCA Queensland as their shelter and offices went under in the floods as well.

It's going to take like $350K just to get the shelter part of the place going again & thats not talking about the office.

I've been emailing a lot of pet companies eg food,supplies ect to see if they will donate some money & some have while others have not contacted me at all but might have contacted the Queensland R.S.P.C.A directly without me knowing.

Wishing all the best in your effort to help people get back on their feet.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX