Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Genesis: The Magic Spectacular

The highlight of our recent mini-break on the Gold Coast, was three seats in the audience at Genesis: The Magic Spectacular.
The show, headed by Swedish illusionist Joe Labero, is Jupiter's Hotel and Casino's latest attraction.
Joe was once voted the world's Magician Of The Decade, and it's easy to see why.
We weren't allowed to take photos during the performance, but suffice to say, the kids were spellbound.
Weeks later, it's all Mr 9 can talk about, and he's keen to become a magician/illusionist just like Joe.
I have to be honest here, and declare that, for me personally, the show was a tiny bit dated. But I've been lucky enough to travel the world and see shows in places like Las Vegas, so I'm a little bit spoiled.
But there was still plenty to love, and make no mistake, the audience LOVED Joe, and his illusions, and his team.
My kids most of all.
I doubt that there's anything as cool or as polished or as unique as this show anywhere else in Australia, and Joe, quite clearly, rocks it.
The man himself, began his career at the age of 12 when he received a magician’s box from his parents. His magic shows became an essential ingredient for children’s parties and school dances, and he turned  professional and famous just eight years later.
We're certainly lucky to have an entertainer like Joe Labero to share his magic in Australia.
You can get an idea of some of the action here.
 Before the show. The kids liked the creepy dudes who hung around looking erm, creepy.

 H. summons her best scaredy-cat expression, while Mr 9 acts nonplussed

 Please tell me how you took your head off?

The kids with their latest hero.

If you go: Genesis, The Magic Spectacular, is playing at the Jupiter's Hotel And Casino on the Gold Coast. Go here for details.


MotorbikesLady said...

I love magic & I also love the tv show Breaking the Magician's code Magic's biggest secrets revealed. That use to be on Channel 9 then Channel 7 before going to Channel 72

Some say that by giving away the secrets it spoils the fun but for me it makes it even more fun as I'm battling silent with the magician to see if he can still trick me after been showen how the trick is done.

I'm happy to say that sometimes knowing how the trick is done the Magician still manages to trick me.

Glad you all had fun.

(((( Hugs ))))

Vegas Show Tickets said...

By giving away the secrets it spoils the fun but for me it makes it even more fun as I'm battling silent with the magician to see if he can still trick me after been showen how the trick is done.

christine said...

i saw the show last week and i have to say i was very disapointed !!! i couldnt stand Joe Labero, all his illusions i had seen before and you could see how he was doing some of them, i could sense the audience was also very disapointed as he had to keep asking for applause !!!! Singer was excellent, the acrobatic trio was great, dancers were ok....but i would say to everyone...dont waste your money...worst show i have ever seen at jupiters !!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I went with my family and we all loved it! Joe Labero was amazing and kept us all guessing throughout the entire show.

Not to mention the acrobats were sensational and the dancers displayed so much energy unlike any other show I have seen there...the moving stage was amazing the kids loved the flames that went on in the show and especially loved the motorbike appearance! and I especially loved the audience participation, it was very funny when he turned someones $100 note into 1 US dollar!

I have actually recommended this show to all of my friends

Anonymous said...

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