Monday, September 20, 2010

Nowhere like ... Sydney

Sometimes, even a born and bred Queenslander has to leave the warm embrace of the Sunshine State.
And so it was that I found myself being winged away safely to Sydney by Virgin Blue.
It was time for my literary agent, Selwa Anthony's, Sassy conference. Both Selwa and Virgin Blue kindly sponsored my attendance, and I can't thank them enough.
It was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of visit, so I didn't get a chance to see much of Sydney at all.
In fact, except for a childhood visit via caravan with my family - and that's a whole other story - I've only ever been to Sydney for work.
Sassy was held at the Swissotel Sydney, and they did a really good job of feeding us and making us feel welcome.
I missed out on the Selwa Anthony Event special prices, so had to upgrade to a room on one of the Executive Floors. I still managed to get a good deal via Swissotel's own website (they guarantee the best possible rate, and so it was).
My room was quiet, clean, and comfortable and I relished every moment of waking up in my king-sized bed alone. I just wish I could have brought a couple of those pillows home!
Then there was the Executive Club lounge. I was able to use their wi-fi, and work in comfort.
Breakfast and evening canapes were included and the staff were just lovely, without being over the top.
 I loved my visit to Sydney, but next time I'd like to see a little more than the inside of my hotel!
A room with a view

View from my bathroom

Loved the bed and the pillows!
Evening canapes
The executive club lounge
My room had an ergonomic chair, internet access and office supplies.

So, when I eventually return to Sydney, what should I see first?


Motorbikes_Lady said...

There is so much to see in Sydney, I know that having people give you suggestions is sometimes the way to go.

I personally perfer to visit websites, sign up for any newsletters of the area I'm going to then pick & choose over my own time.

Most of the times the newsletters will suggest little places that a lot of vistors (tourists) dont go to.

I use to love visiting the Nurses Walk where it is said that dead nurses from a murder haunt it.

What can I say I'm into haunted things.

One good website to visit is

(((( Hugs ))))

drx said...

I've been living in Sydney for 5 years now, and only just this year made it out to the Blue Mountains. Put off by the crowds at the underwhelming Three Sisters, my friend and I made the conscious decision to seek out an area accessible only by a gravel road, where no tourist buses would dare venture and over the course of a few hours we only had a dozen or so others visit our chosen lookout. I also picked up an amazing Indian throw cloth in Katoomba which now hangs on the wall of my studio and serves as a lovely reminder. Definitely my number one recommendation.

The beauty of the harbour and specifically the Opera House inspires me as I cross the bridge every day. I recommend taking a ferry ride with notebook or sketch pad in hand, if you're that way inclined =)