Thursday, May 20, 2010

We made history!

Watching the news recently, Mr 9 was particularly taken with one particular story.
"Mum, I want to make history," he said. Don't we all?
In C's case, he was really keen to walk the Second Gateway Bridge on the only day it would be open to the public.
We live quite a long way from the bridge, so made an early start to get there before opening. Even so, the crowds were insane. (We found out later, some 175,000 had joined us on the walk across the river).
I would have loved to have linger at the fish and chips stalls, and to make the most of the views and entertainment, but our trip was cut short when Mr 9 had a dizzy spell. Turned out he had low blood pressure, and he needed some time out in the first aid before we could continue.
He'd eaten a huge meal, and had plenty of drink, so we don't really know what caused it - possibly the crowds, the long walk, and the excitement.
Anyway, even though we only made it partway across the bridge, the kids were still chuffed to have been part of Brisbane history.

Miss 7, aka Little Red Riding Hood, begins the trek across the bridge

Time for a snack ... the Great Aussie sausage in bread, with mustard and tomato sauce
Brisbane's longest seafood feast

Mmm ... what to choose?

$10 fish,chips, lemon and tartare sauce from one of the stalls.

Mr 9 puts his feet up at the first aid tent

From Brisbane, with love...

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